We are the Kingdom

Our God is a God of obedience He asks us to do and do we?

Do You?

Do you do because you feel pressured or do you do because you want to?

Jesus speaks to us via our heart and we relay His message to the world by the way we respond to Him. If we want others to be obedient to God then we need to practice what we preach!

Jesus while he was here always set the example He was not a follower He was a leader.

Jesus has died for our sins… yours too and he now resides in us!

His kingdom resides in us and as subjects of His kingdom we represent Him!

We are “The Kingdom of God”.



What it means to Know Jesus!

Eyes of Jesus

Do you see others the way Jesus does?

Are We There Yet…

We age and that’s just the way it is.
Every day is a day closer to God, AMEN!
Yet we complain or are uneasy, about getting old or even passing on to meet our maker…
When we get older as time passes by, our senses either get weaker or we may lose them alltogether.

Perhaps our hearing goes, perhaps our vision.

Thank goodness Jesus restores our vision and leads our way. This is good because sometimes I lose my way but then I remember, I’m not driving.

 What a relief, because Jesus drives my car and “I WILL GET THERE” will you?

Have you accepted Jesus?

Are you even in the back seat? There is room, he has prepared a place for you.

Get in the car there is plenty of room.

Who’s Goals?

What are your goals
Where have you seen God working around you?
Perhaps there lie your goals…Gods goals.

Have Faith In Love

Love is powerful. It always seems to conquer all.
Love is the greatest faith of all I mean even through the worst of times it continues.

When it doesn’t receive it still gives. Never takes.

Love is real because it shows itself.

We know others love us because of what they have done or do for us despite the lack of what we do for them or don’t do.

The easiest way to get love is to give it and show it.

Our purpose as Christians is to show love, to give it away and by doing this you will receive the loving blessing of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.




Are you ready

Have you ever reflected on a childhood experience? 

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences but we all want the same destination, with Jesus for eternity. 

Sometimes we know we are growing Gods kindom in the things that we do. Sometimes there are things we do and they grow Gods kindom and we have no idea. The point is, we are to seek God in all that we do because our actions have different effects on different people. 

We all want to see God in his holiness.

Perhaps in our differences and weaknesses is where the grace of Jesus fills in the cracks. 

We are one long cracked sidewalk leading to the same place. 

We need to see others through Gods eyes to see their needs. 

God shows his glory daily do you see it? Have you responded? What are you waiting for? It may never come….