Report From The Pulpit

Help us to understand you and that through our worship that our love to you will become extreamly obvious!

Sometimes its hard to feel God around us due tot he overwhelming struggles in our lives.

It is easy to see Gods love when our lives are going great.

In Deu 32:11 Moses delivers his farewell speech. Moses compares God to the watch of an eagle guiding its young to fly.

Maybe God stirs up our lives to inspire us to grow up and get in control of our lives through complete trust in him and that even if we stumble he will catch us.

God does not want us to become too comfortable as we may become lazy in the pursuit of expanding or introducing his kingdom to others.

Gos loves us. He takes us to new heights that we could only dream of. He takes us there to inspire us to contiue the good fight to one day be there with him.

God will uphold us in his right hand.

Even when we complain that God could not possibly be looking out for us…. Maybe he is just stirring up our nests to keep us aware of our need for him no matter how well we were doing.

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News from the pulpit


Reported by Greg

We are not in control of our lives nor were we ever, God is in control! He is God and we are mere humans and we must learn to rely on the creator of the universe, or in some cases remember how…

Do not fear only believe.

We may not get what we want but we do get what we need when we allow God to be in control of our lives, he will provide.

Let us go into the world looking at others equally and to restore those less fortunate than you or I to a level playing field where we can all worship God as his servants and children in total submission.

Let us not panic but instead rely on your strength to ride out the storms in our lives.

When we are in fear it seems as though there may be little to hold on to but our faith in you will get us through any field of giants we may face.

Thank you for our family of faith and that they remember us even when we seem to forget you. Thank you for their faith and prayers!

Let us give all our lives to Jesus and to leave our trust in him.



Thanks for the cross.

For the changes it inspires in our lives.
For the transformation in our lives to better serve you.
For the sacrifice Jesus made for our salvation.
For the love Christ has for the church and that we may share in that love.
For the forgiveness of sin through Christ.
For the message to not be part of this word but to share your message with those of this world.
For because of it we are holy and are your children.
For that we are in image of you and that we get to reflect you on the world.
For the love and encouragement in our lives.
For the ability to forgive others as you have done freely for us.
For the fact that we grow together within your church through service to you and to each other in your name.

Think you can’t? Christ Can!