Join New Group Created!

Hello All,

There is a new group I created in efforts to defend and uphold our stand against the “there is probably no god” campaign. the site is located at

Once you join you willl be able to share your story about why you believe in God and what brought you to him!

If you are unaware of the Anti God Campaign you can read the BBC Story at the site.


Change for Jesus’s Sake

We sure enjoy each others company, don’t we?

There are those that don’t enjoy the same company but desire the fellowship.   Perhaps they don’t know how to break free of their rut.   That’s where we come in.

Moses had to convince Israel to leave slavery because that’s all they knew.   He had to convince them it was time to go.

Do we leave a chair open at our tables for strangers to join us?  Are we leaders or followers?

We have to be open to change so we can lead people to Jesus.  We need to adapt to whatever environment God puts us in to be able to reach others on their level.

Our culture is not the same as it was even a hundred years ago.   People just don’t go out and find a church like they used to; we need to find them.

While you are planning this next year, decide whether you’re ready to change in order to reach the world today. We need to tune into our world to reach them on a level that they understand rather than on a level that has become obsolete or extinct.

Change for Jesus.  He made sacrifice for those He had not met; do the same.

Thoughts inspired by Luke 5

We must do what Jesus asks in faith and we will be blessed and sometimes even overwhelmed. In order to be fishers of men we must trust in Gods words.

We must give all or “launch to the deep to ensure total trust in God”.

How deep is the love of Christ?

Put your life and spirt to the deep and let down our nets when we are wearyest is when the largest catch will come.

We cannot catch anything worth keeping without Jesus.

Faith is, going against your better judment knowing you are being led by God.

We realize how sinful and inadequate we are in the glory of God.

Jesus and God are not bound by mans limitations.

Do we recognize beauty?

What are we missing?

Do we notice the miraculas going on around us?

Does our sin motivate us to worship?

Do we have a sense of gods invitation for forgiveness?

Are you washed in the blood or just the water is Jesus real to you?

When was the last time we were so amazed that we said we are not worthy?

Have faith not fear and…

We all have a portion of the net to pull in, are you pulling the net in with faith or sitting by and watching life go by ignoring that there is an end and you are not ready or worthy to receive your reward.

Are you willing to leave all behind all to follow him? Answer your spiritual phone Jesus is calling!

Worship Recap

Do we need to change our mission statement and core values?


We need to review it and remind ourselves of our values. Our core values identify us as a church they are our DNA….

They guide our walk and tell the world who we are and what we are about. Some of them we do better than others, but we need to continually strive to do better.

We must be God dependent and God responsive. We need to offer ourselves as clay to the master to be transformed. Let us not be content but always wanting to better ourselves to better serve God.

God loves us where we are but wants us to continually hone our attitudes and our being to closer reflect Christ. The spirit of the Lord works within us, ALL OF US. The day you placed your faith in Christ the transformation begins. The way God intended it.

Christs body, the church is a work in progress and we are the labor and our pay is salvation.

We must give ourselves to God COMPLETELY. We need to decide to change to further the kingdom and not rely on ourselves. The Kingdoms requires God and us. Sanctification is a lifetime process of what God wants us to be.

Change seems uncertain even though the outcome may be good, we don’t like uncertainty.

Are you worthy of the kingdom???

Or is there a need for change in your Life???

We all fall short of the glory… This is the reason to change, because we MUST.

Do you want change???

Do you want to change for God???

Change does not always hurt but it will be uncomfortable because the outcome is unknown. But one thing is for certain change in your life does not happen until you decide to let it.


MERCY ME  “The Change Inside of Me” Great Song!

This Weeks Message

Thank you Lord for allowing us to worship you.

Thank you for giving us courage whenever we fear.

We don’t like to wait we like everything right now. Isaiah looked to the future for comfort. God you are everlasting, you supply us with strength. Those who wait will be given strength from you. Whenever Gods people go through a rough time we expect God to fix it now. Those that wait upon the Lord are rewarded.

Wait on the Lord.

Psalms encourages us to wait on the Lord. Do not fret because of mans deeds the Lord will answer them as well. For God there is no beginning and no end he knows what is best for us and when.

Trust his perfect timing. relying on ourselves only brings trouble. We need to keep faith. God has a plan for us let not try to get ahead of him as it will prove nothing but trouble.

We will wait knowing God will deliver. We need to allow the Spirit to lead and guide us. We are ok with whatever you decide Lord. We have joy and hope in you. Keep our spirits conscious in you and allow them not to be impatient but to be at peace with your decision.

Teach us Lord to wait.

We may not get what we ask for but we always get what we need!

Thank You!

Jeremy Camp “I wait for the Lord”