Wrong Place… Right Time!

Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Nehemiah probably felt that way.

Its funny that vision can come at those times when we are discontent.

When we are bothered things get changed.

Nehemiah was a cup bearer for the king, he tested the kings drinks to ensure nobody was poisoning the king. Your sure to be at the wrong place sooner or later when you submit yourself to foolish situations.

Do you see things in your life you need to change?

Are you motivated to make those changes?

Perhaps God places obstacles or burdens in our way to tell us its time to change.

Do you pray to God for the direction of that change to be positive?

Do you plan for Gods activity in your life?

Do you pray for it?

Are you preparing for Gods rain in you’re life I don’t mean reign I mean RAIN if we are sowers of good seed God will let it Grow, and abundantly.

Do you pray that God will provide opportunity in your life?

Do you notice the opportunity that is already there?

Your actions effect those around you, perhaps your actions will mold them into people of God, is that not an opportunity that we do have?

What if we don’t take advantage of it?      What if we do?

We can wait for opportunity or we can take aantage of the ones we already have.

God does not make mistakes you are where you are for a reason, don’t ignore the opportunity you have been given.

Below is an excerpt from the movie “Facing The Giants” If you have not seen this show You Need to! It is wonderful.


Got to thinking…

– Who is your hero?

– Why?

– What drives your passion?

– What is you’re passion?

– Have you ever had a vision?

– Did you have your life planned out?

– How as that worked so far?

We build walls to keep our vision or plans from failing but all the planning can be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Then we wake up in the rubble.There is only one thing can get through that, faith.

Sometimes we think the rubble of trampled dreams gets in the way of our vision.

Do you ever ask yourself where the rubble in your life comes from?

Is that when you get so bothered you decided to quit or did it drive you?

Are you content?

Do you like where you are?

Have you settled or completed all your goals?

If so, what is left?

Sometimes we need rubble to remind us we are not done. At least God says were not done. Don’t be discontent with failure, realize it as Gods reminder that you still have work to do for Him!

Do you serve god or are you waiting for him to serve you?

You might be waiting for a while…probably forever.

God is in control let him lead your vision and passion and correct it when you fall from his path.

What Is Worship To You?

In 1953 a group gathered at a train station to meet the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

As he walks off the train people greet him, reporters, cameras and all.

He excused himself to help an elderly black lady who was struggling with her suitcases.  After he got her on the bus, he returned to the welcoming committee.

His name was Albert Switzer he worked with the poor in Africa,  it was then brought to his attention that  it was the first time they had seen a “walking sermon”.

What is worship to you?

Matthew 7 says we need to do more than just say lord lord.

Is worship just showing up on Sunday morning?

Worship without the walk is useless

Malachi 1:6 Says a servant honors the master.

We should only bring each of our best to the lord to honor him.

God refused to accept less than perfect sacrifice, our life is a sacrifice to God.

Our time is the greatest sacrifice for that we can not regain. Money is important but it is replenish able time is not, don’t waste it.

Do good and share with others as it is pleasing to God and is worship to God.

Jesus set the example of how we should take care of others when he washed the disciples feet.

The only way our worship is acceptable is by being a servant to God in heaven.

We serve other because god asks us to.

Would Jesus look at your life and say good job faithful servant?

Is your life a walking sermon and is it a life of worship?

We are blessed are we serving the master or just being served?