A Man Died On Friday Night!

On Friday Night a man died and was buried two days later a group of woman went to visit the tomb and the body was not there, what happened?

Did someone take the body?

Were they at the wrong tomb?

Well there was two soldiers laying on the ground and the stone was moved. There was an angel there asking why they seek the living among the dead?

Do you believe the tomb was empty?

Why was it empty?

Did someone take the body?

Did Jesus raise from the Dead.. You know the answer.

Jesus has risen.

His promise fulfilled. When John saw that Jesus was not there he believed.

We believe because there was an empty tomb. Blessed are those that have not seen but believe.

The cloth was folded neatly in the tomb. This is significant because it meant he was not done and was coming back, and he did.

What does the empty tomb mean to you?

Think about that, meditate on that, pray about that.

Don’t walk away from the tomb broken hearted.


Hope for…

We all get old.

When we are young we believe we will never get old, but we do.

Hope is more likely then belief.

Hope is the reason for most things we do in life. We are all hopers…

What are you hoping for?

A better life?

A long life?

You can hear hope if you choose too. The wonders of God provides hope, all of his majasty can give us nothing but hope for our future.

If this is what we have now imagine what is to come!

We have an inheritance in our Fathers kingdom.

God values us over anything else, even his only son.

Do you value anything over your own family?

When we meet Jesus face to face he will tell us how much he loves us…

Is there a greater hope than love from others? What about love FOR others.

God hopes that we love others. God loves us despite us being us.

Imagine walking to the tomb and there is no body, that all you hoped for is true.

Jesus has risen so that we can have hope for tomorrow.