Happy Mothers Day!

Most woman believe motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to them.

99 percent of woman hope there children are good people.

Most mothers feel they fall short.

What is the christian point of view about mothers?

Most country’s do not place a high value on woman.

What is Gods value for the role of woman?

The bible says there is no distinction in value and both men and woman are of equal value to God.

Scripture is not apposed to woman working outside the home but does encourage certain role within the home and their children and husbands.

We should pursue to do all God asks us to and continue to grow and improve. We will never become perfect. But mothers come close… At least in the eyes of their children.

They should not feel inadequate as they do more than most of the worlds population as they continually raise and mold the next generations.

Give honor where honor is due.

Once you have children you appreciate what your mothers go though dealing with selfish children.

Mothers are typically very selfless.

Give her the reward that is due.


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