Two Options

There are a lot of options available to us in this world.

Sometimes we have only limited options, door one or door two?

The are consequences to our choices so we must choose carefully.

In the first century eating with someone was a sign of acceptance. Jesus practiced extreme radical inclusiveness by eating with everyone and anyone including tax collectors and pharisees. The pharisees were more exclusive of who they welcomed or ate with.

There are a lot of places that give special seating to those that are more important than others. At Jesus table all are welcome and equal.

Why do we want the best for only ourselves when God places the same importance on all us.

Jesus makes us comfortable if we are uncomfortable and uncomfortable if we are comfortable.

The two options are:

Humble yourself before God


Be humbled by God

God is looking for people who are willing to look like Jesus.

Who is welcome in your life…who is not. Why?

The world is desparate for a group of people that look like Jesus.

Does your chuch look like Jesus?


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