Simply Clutter

People will react to your spiritual disaplines.

We must be careful of the motives behind our actions.

What is a life of simplicity to you?

Do you think you will someday attain it?

Would you have more or less stuff?

What would the the stress level be?

If simplicity is obvious and simple why is it so hard to reach?

If we only had 48 hours in a day? Who am i kidding we would then want 72….

If we cut through all the clutter we find simplicity time to spend with God.

If your clutter gets in the way of your relationship with Jesus you got issues!

What if you had a years salary to dispose of? What would you do with it?

When was the last time you reorganized your life and the piorities in it?

Are the things you do important to God or are they important to you?


NWCOC 2008 Baby’s

Fasting and the change it Produces…

We need to focus on transformation into Christ.

2cor 3:18

Fasting is a discipline that is not used as often as it could be.

Maybe  its outdated or we don’t think about it.

When is the last time you thought of this disapline?

What is the purpose of fasting?

What does it do?

Fasting is not for penance.  We fast to increase our intensity of worship to God.

Fasting tunes us into God.

What distracts you from God?  TV, computer, etc

Fasting helps us refocus on what is the most important.

Fasting expresses our passion to know God more.

It allows us to bask in the Lord.

Fasting reveals the things that control us; the things that distract us from our relationship with God.

Fasting says “God We Want More of You!!”

Those that seek God will find him.  So why do we not pay more attention to fasting?

Fast for revival of God the master so that he can again be the lord of your life!

Prayer and the change it produces

where are we going and how are we going to get there?

Are we on the same page?

Our number one priority is to be transformed into the image of Christ.

2 cor chapter 3- 18

God created us for so much more than to just survive this world!

Do you Pray?

Regularly ?

Become disciplined and do it daily. We are all commanded to do this with all things.

Prayer is central to our faith!

Are you a believer in the power of prayer?

Have you really given it a chance?

Did you chart its progress? Make a Prayer Journal.

God answers prayers only when he wants to and only when he deems it appropriate. We are not in control God is!

We are to pray so that we not fall into temptation.

Prayer is not just to fix things that we feel are wrong, sometimes

Here is an interesting Quote “God stills the storms of the sea sometimes he stills the storms in me.” So true!

What gave Jesus his strength here on earth….

When he was frustrated what did he do?

When he was hurt what did he do?

When he was scared what did he do?

when he was happy what did he do?…

He prayed.

Got Prayer? Be Changed!

You Are Our Strong Tower!