Our service to others comes from the inside.

Our heart prepares our body to be of service to Christ. Music stirs within us. In order to be of service to others and to our world we need to aproach them with relevance. New songs and Music have replaced and become the poets of old. Does your life sing a song to God? Song and Music from the heart is praise to God. 

Have you ever requested a song for someone in hopes they would get the message?

Here is a message I mean request for you….

Let your Lifesong Sing to Him. Dont Just dismiss this video, soak it up!

Listen to the words daily and be transformed to do service for Him and those around you.

-Empty Hands held high
Such Small sacrifice
If not joined with my life
I sing in vain tonight

May the words I say
And the things I do
Make my lifesong sing
Bring a smile to you
Let my lifesong sing to You
Let my lifesong sing to You
I want to sign your name
to the end of this day
Knowing that my heart was true
Let my lifesong sing to You

LORD, I give my life
A Living sacrifice
To reach a world in need
To be your hands and feet

So may the words I say
And the things I do
Make my lifesong sing
Bring a smile to You


Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Let my lifesong sing to You (x3)

Chorus (x2)


Dear Regina


Balance is important to us, especially in our spiritual life

Sometimes following Jesus footsteps is a bit of a high wire act. We need him to balance us.

Our transformation comes from the lord our goal is to walk like Jesus, we need to hold his hand.

Do you ever turn on the TV just to have noise and to not be alone?

We all have our ways of beating solitude because we don’t want to be alone…

Jesus spent time alone to be with God many times, do you do that?

Do we have it more together than Jesus?

Not likely…

Make an effort this week for alone time with God. Go camping, admire Gods creation and all the wonders around you. Listen for Gods whisper if you don’t listen you might miss what he has to say.

Will you hear when he Knocks on your door?