Are you ready

Have you ever reflected on a childhood experience? 

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences but we all want the same destination, with Jesus for eternity. 

Sometimes we know we are growing Gods kindom in the things that we do. Sometimes there are things we do and they grow Gods kindom and we have no idea. The point is, we are to seek God in all that we do because our actions have different effects on different people. 

We all want to see God in his holiness.

Perhaps in our differences and weaknesses is where the grace of Jesus fills in the cracks. 

We are one long cracked sidewalk leading to the same place. 

We need to see others through Gods eyes to see their needs. 

God shows his glory daily do you see it? Have you responded? What are you waiting for? It may never come….


Submit to your Calling

Do you start things and loose interest before they are done?

We need to follow through in our Christian walk.

Half heated pursuit of Christianity is ineffective.

Was Jesus a half hearted sacrifice or a complete one?

You know the answer.

So if we know the answer why do some of us, ok, most of us get gun shy when it comes to standing out in today’s world and shine with the love of Christ.

We need to be unified in one faith and mission to glorify God and bring all those we know to Christ.

We are to be ready for works of service as the Lord presents them to us.

All the other things we do are of this world and will someday fade away.

The truth of the matter is someday could be months, weeks, days even breaths away.

As I thought about this earlier in the week I realized in a measly 25 years I will be 60 years old and in only maybe 25 more….well you know.

Have you considered how short your life is and how big the mission is?

Spend every breath chasing what is important and not those things that will just fade away and that will not make an ounce of difference on that day that you stand before Jesus.