Are We There Yet…

We age and that’s just the way it is.
Every day is a day closer to God, AMEN!
Yet we complain or are uneasy, about getting old or even passing on to meet our maker…
When we get older as time passes by, our senses either get weaker or we may lose them alltogether.

Perhaps our hearing goes, perhaps our vision.

Thank goodness Jesus restores our vision and leads our way. This is good because sometimes I lose my way but then I remember, I’m not driving.

 What a relief, because Jesus drives my car and “I WILL GET THERE” will you?

Have you accepted Jesus?

Are you even in the back seat? There is room, he has prepared a place for you.

Get in the car there is plenty of room.



Balance is important to us, especially in our spiritual life

Sometimes following Jesus footsteps is a bit of a high wire act. We need him to balance us.

Our transformation comes from the lord our goal is to walk like Jesus, we need to hold his hand.

Do you ever turn on the TV just to have noise and to not be alone?

We all have our ways of beating solitude because we don’t want to be alone…

Jesus spent time alone to be with God many times, do you do that?

Do we have it more together than Jesus?

Not likely…

Make an effort this week for alone time with God. Go camping, admire Gods creation and all the wonders around you. Listen for Gods whisper if you don’t listen you might miss what he has to say.

Will you hear when he Knocks on your door?

Simply Clutter

People will react to your spiritual disaplines.

We must be careful of the motives behind our actions.

What is a life of simplicity to you?

Do you think you will someday attain it?

Would you have more or less stuff?

What would the the stress level be?

If simplicity is obvious and simple why is it so hard to reach?

If we only had 48 hours in a day? Who am i kidding we would then want 72….

If we cut through all the clutter we find simplicity time to spend with God.

If your clutter gets in the way of your relationship with Jesus you got issues!

What if you had a years salary to dispose of? What would you do with it?

When was the last time you reorganized your life and the piorities in it?

Are the things you do important to God or are they important to you?

Wrong Place… Right Time!

Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Nehemiah probably felt that way.

Its funny that vision can come at those times when we are discontent.

When we are bothered things get changed.

Nehemiah was a cup bearer for the king, he tested the kings drinks to ensure nobody was poisoning the king. Your sure to be at the wrong place sooner or later when you submit yourself to foolish situations.

Do you see things in your life you need to change?

Are you motivated to make those changes?

Perhaps God places obstacles or burdens in our way to tell us its time to change.

Do you pray to God for the direction of that change to be positive?

Do you plan for Gods activity in your life?

Do you pray for it?

Are you preparing for Gods rain in you’re life I don’t mean reign I mean RAIN if we are sowers of good seed God will let it Grow, and abundantly.

Do you pray that God will provide opportunity in your life?

Do you notice the opportunity that is already there?

Your actions effect those around you, perhaps your actions will mold them into people of God, is that not an opportunity that we do have?

What if we don’t take advantage of it?      What if we do?

We can wait for opportunity or we can take aantage of the ones we already have.

God does not make mistakes you are where you are for a reason, don’t ignore the opportunity you have been given.

Below is an excerpt from the movie “Facing The Giants” If you have not seen this show You Need to! It is wonderful.

This Weeks Message

Thank you Lord for allowing us to worship you.

Thank you for giving us courage whenever we fear.

We don’t like to wait we like everything right now. Isaiah looked to the future for comfort. God you are everlasting, you supply us with strength. Those who wait will be given strength from you. Whenever Gods people go through a rough time we expect God to fix it now. Those that wait upon the Lord are rewarded.

Wait on the Lord.

Psalms encourages us to wait on the Lord. Do not fret because of mans deeds the Lord will answer them as well. For God there is no beginning and no end he knows what is best for us and when.

Trust his perfect timing. relying on ourselves only brings trouble. We need to keep faith. God has a plan for us let not try to get ahead of him as it will prove nothing but trouble.

We will wait knowing God will deliver. We need to allow the Spirit to lead and guide us. We are ok with whatever you decide Lord. We have joy and hope in you. Keep our spirits conscious in you and allow them not to be impatient but to be at peace with your decision.

Teach us Lord to wait.

We may not get what we ask for but we always get what we need!

Thank You!

Jeremy Camp “I wait for the Lord”


Thanks for the cross.

For the changes it inspires in our lives.
For the transformation in our lives to better serve you.
For the sacrifice Jesus made for our salvation.
For the love Christ has for the church and that we may share in that love.
For the forgiveness of sin through Christ.
For the message to not be part of this word but to share your message with those of this world.
For because of it we are holy and are your children.
For that we are in image of you and that we get to reflect you on the world.
For the love and encouragement in our lives.
For the ability to forgive others as you have done freely for us.
For the fact that we grow together within your church through service to you and to each other in your name.